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Backup addons

Backup Exchange using NTbackup and then rsync the ntbackup file

The easy why to create the ntbackup command is to schedule backup using the GUI. Then copy the cmd command form "Scheduled Tasks" properties. You can restore using the GUI. Full NTbackup documentation can be found in this link Go

Free drive space

You can run once a day Freedups utility. Freedups searches for identical files in the directories you specify and hard-links them together, freeing up drive space without losing performance. Hard linking in 100% rsync safe!. Go

gzip rsyncable

gzip flag --rsyncable make rsync-friendly archive. If you gzip don't have this plag you will need to patch gzip. Search in the web for: patch-gzip-rsyncable.diff. Here is one link: https://trac.macports.org/attachment/ticket/16446/patch-gzip-rsyncable.diff

Process killer

Free command line process Viewer/Killer/Suspender for Windows NT/2000/XP Go

RdialPro modem dailer

Dailer which can be easly integrate in *.phase files Go

Rsync encryption


Backup how to

Access of windows shadow copy by rsync

From rsync mailling list "http://www.archivesat.com/post1458236.htm" Go


cwRsync project windows server install kit Go


Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. You can download new version of rsync to windows here. Go

Rsync Documentation

Rsync documentation Go

How to set up ssh communication without passwords


Mailing list

Rsync mailing list rsync@lists.samba.org

Searchable archive in this site Go

Searchable archive from mail-archive Go

Searchable archive form google Go

Official web site

Rsync official web site Go

Open file backup using Rsync

VisionWorks Solutions offer File Access Manager – Open file Utility for all backup software including rsync Go

St Bernard Software developed a module of their open file manager to work with my software, SOS Standby Server, which uses rsync. Go

Using shadow copy on Windows VSS SDK [1]

Rsync SSH Windows

How to implament Rsync SSH (VPN) Windows Go


NasBackup and the amazing Butch

NasBackup was chosen by "Turner Consulting Group" as online backup solution. It replace some of the bigest commercial solotion on the market: "Connected Online Backup" and "Remote Backup" [2]


Tapeless backup advantage

White paper abut Tapeless Archiving

White paper from Software Pursuits about Tapeless Archiving. Broken Link

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