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NasBackup is an open source backup solution. It is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up MS Windows desktop PCs, laptops and servers to network disks. NasBackup is a highly configurable solution and easy to install and maintain.

NasBackup is a backup solution that can replace traditional tape backup. The information is backed up to network storage using the rsync utility in a way that only the file differences are sent over the network.

NasBackup was designed to be easy to use for the end desktop user, yet scalable to backup enterprise servers. The NasBackup client Windows GUI is easy to maintain and use by end user. Other backup solutions based on rsync are more complicated and have no GUI interface.

We had the end user in mind while designing NasBackup. The implementation is very easy to adopt by the end user, including clear and simple backup settings, backup log status report, etc. Still, NasBackup is scales well to backup enterprise servers including SQL and Exchange databases etc.

Given the ever decreasing cost of disks, it is now practical and cost effective to backup a large number of machines onto a server's local disk or network storage. This is what NasBackup does. For some sites, this might be the complete backup solution. For other sites, additional permanent archives could be created by periodically backing up the server to tape.

Disk usage example: 100 laptops with a full backup averaging 2GB each, and daily difference 20Mb. Storing three weekly full backups per laptop is around 4200GB of raw data, but because incremental backups and compression are used only 120GB is needed. Here is the calculation: 1st day 1 GB of compressed data * 100 laptop is 100 GB. The rest 20 day * 100 laptop * 10 Mb of compressed data is 20 GB. It comes to a total of 120 GB!

NasBackup is written in Perl and backs up data via the rsync protocol. It is robust, reliable, well-documented and freely available as Open Source.

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